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Half Sisters

Not many people know that my girls are actually Half Sisters. My partner is Mia's Dad. He is Elliw's Dad. I am really lucky to have a partner who treats Mia exactly like his own daughter. Mia calls my partner by his name, and sometimes by accident calls him Dad but we always correct her, she has her own Dad who she sees every weekend.

When Mia goes to her Dads on the weekend, Elliw can get really upset through most of the day. She cries and moans wanting Mia to come home. Although she does understand where Mia is, she is just very impatient. On the Saturday or Sunday evening, whichever the day Mia comes home on that weekend, Elliw always listens out for the doorbell. Once she hears it, she jumps in excitement and runs to open the door. Also, she is just very excited of having a kinder egg she always gets off Mia's Dad's family too!

When I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter. I was trying to think into future {which sometimes you shouldn't do!} I know I want another baby and of course that baby will have the same surname as Elliw and my partner. But Mia's got the same surname as me. Her Dad didn't want his surname for her, which I am so glad now. I do feel that maybe Mia will feel left out that her surname is different to Elliw's and if she ever has another sibling. Her Dad and his partner has a little girl, Mia's other half sister and she has his and her surname, so again, different to Mia's. I hope it won't affect her when she is older. The last thing I want to do is make her feel left out.

The bond between these two beautiful little girls is amazing. Of course, they fight, argue and pull each others hair out at times but when they are well behaved, they are lovely. Elliw really looks up to Mia. She tries to copy everything she does. Mia loves her gymnastic moves. She does hand stands, cart wheels and roly poly's all day long. Elliw has tried and succeeded with a roly poly! As you can probably guess, she is very proud of her!

If Mia finds that Elliw has learnt something new, Mia will really praise her and tell everyone what Elliw has achieved. Mia knows that Elliw's speech is a little bit behind, so she always tries her best to go through the letters that we have to learn her from speech therapy. When Elliw says the letters correctly, she gets another big praise off her big sister. It's really nice seeing them so close.

The way they both are, you would never guess they are half sisters. In my eyes they are just sisters. Not half. They have a very strong bond. They are lost without each other and love each other very much.


  1. Aw what a gorgeous post about your girls. And you are so right- they are just sisters. Not half at all. Just sisters. I have a step sister and she and I are so close, sometimes I think we put a lot of emphasis on blood relatives or naming things, when your closest family members don't necessarily have to be blood or even related to you in that way at all. You can tell from the photos of them, they look so close. And how lovely that Mia's dad's side of the family gives Elliw a kinder egg- that's very sweet. x

    1. That is so true Katie. Thank you :) x

  2. Aww lovely pictures of your beautiful girls :)

  3. What a lovely post, I'm glad they're so close, gorgeous girls xx

  4. Beautiful pictures. It sounds like they have such a strong bond and relationship.

  5. Oh what beautiful pictures and a lovely description of their sisterhood. I think sometimes too much emphasis is placed on name tags rather than just looking at the relationship. Your girls are sisters and from the looks of things it's not their precise DNA that made them so but love.

  6. Families come in all different shapes and sizes and its plain to see that this works for you and the girls innocence causes them to know theyre just other words just one "sisters". They have a beautiful bond and these pictures show that, I think its natural as a mother to think/worry about the future, whether we should or not we do haha. Im sure things will come together and work out just as well as they do now and noone will be left can they with the amount of love in your family? x

  7. These two girlies are just GORGEOUS!! I love their smiles and they're obviously the greatest of friends! I really enjoyed reading about them x

  8. aww they are sooo cute you must be so proud of them both. Its wonderful that they are friends I hope that will always be so

  9. they look best of friends which is just what you want. I hope they stay close forever

  10. They look they are so close, and really are just sisters! Its so great that they have the bond that they do :) xx

  11. This is a beautiful post. Two lovely sisters, both gorgeous! :)

  12. they are so cute! I am glad they are close its lovely seeing sisters together like that isn't it and I am sure she won't mind about her surname she may even feel special as she gets the same as her mummy! Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

  13. they live in the same household and look out for each other, so this is the best start in life than can have. It is complicated when they are younger as they must wonder why they cant both go away for the weekend. One of my daughters is not mine by birth but abandoned by her mother, my 3 girls have been sisters since she was 5, and I have to say my oldest and her have much much much more in common than my own 2 daughters, though all 3 of them consider themselves sisters.

  14. i so know how you feel my daughter is not biologically my husbands and he took her on as his own. When i had Joshua we worried she would feel left out and instead she utterly obsessed with he brother and they are like partners in crime (even though there is 10 years between them)

    Its so lovely your daughters have a super strong bond and here is hoping they remain the best of friends :-)
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  15. In all your posts, you can see how close they are. They are sisters. I have a sister, who is technically 'half', but we are just sisters. It's the bond that counts

  16. They are adorable, you can just tell by the pictures that they have such a lovely bond. I don't think a name will change that and I'm sure Mia will feel special enough having the same name as her mum. Me and my brother are only half but we would never class each other as that, we've been brought up as brother and sister and that's how it will always stay, even though I could choke him sometimes!


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