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Mia & Elliw's Favourite TV Programmes

Every single morning with their breakfast Mia and Elliw always ask for their favourite programmes. They only have a few favourite shows and most of them are from NickJr. So I am pretty lucky that I have Sky. Cbeebies is out of the window and it feels a little odd never putting it on anymore and only on an occasion, but that isn't very often.

I am really lucky that they both like the same programmes. So there isn't much arguing about which TV show to put on. Thank god for that. I do find that the programmes they watch, learn them things in different ways. They are enjoying watching the programme but learning whilst watching too. Which is why I don't mind them watching TV.

Dora The Explorer / Dora and Friends

(All images are from Google Images)
Does your child(ren) like any of the above?
What are their favourite TV programmes?

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  1. Eva adores Peppa pig and Ben and Holly. I get so excited when there are new episodes lol x


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