Mia & Elliw's Favourite TV Programmes

Every single morning with their breakfast Mia and Elliw always ask for their favourite programmes. They only have a few favourite shows and most of them are from NickJr. So I am pretty lucky that I have Sky. Cbeebies is out of the window and it feels a little odd never putting it on anymore and only on an occasion, but that isn't very often.

I am really lucky that they both like the same programmes. So there isn't much arguing about which TV show to put on. Thank god for that. I do find that the programmes they watch, learn them things in different ways. They are enjoying watching the programme but learning whilst watching too. Which is why I don't mind them watching TV.

Dora The Explorer / Dora and Friends

(All images are from Google Images)
Does your child(ren) like any of the above?
What are their favourite TV programmes?


  1. Eva adores Peppa pig and Ben and Holly. I get so excited when there are new episodes lol x


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