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Free Children's Shoe Fitting With Brantano

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Brantano to see if I would like to take the girls to our local Brantano store in Rhyl for a free children's shoe fitting. I have always loved the store and even though the store wasn't exactly local to us, it was roughly over an hours drive, I didn't mind. I also hadn't measured the girls feet for a long time and kept forgetting when we passed or went into town. Mia was supposed to come with us but her Dad wanted her for Father's Day so it was only Elliw with us and going to get her feet measured. I can't remember the last time her feet got measured and always thought she was a size 9.

When we entered the large clean store I went to the desk to ask for Karen. Luckily, she was the woman at the desk and she seemed very nice and so polite. She took us to where they measure children's feet and Elliw got so excited. She already told Karen that she wanted Frozen trainers and was super excited. Elliw was asked to stand straight to measure her feet. I had to translate a few words in Welsh to Elliw for her understand some words but she did everything Karen told her.

Karen explained to me how she was measuring her feet from the length, height and width. Elliw was measuring a size 10, width G and I was told she was high on the top of her foot too. She wrote it down on a shoe fitting paper along with the next date that she should get her feet measured. We were then shown to where the kid's shoes were and Elliw went straight for the Frozen trainers. They were actually really nice and so I didn't mind her getting them. Karen put them on her feet and felt around her foot to see if it was comfortable around her and not too tight. We then asked Elliw to walk up and down, which she did ever so proudly with a smile on her face! We decided to choose trainers for Mia too in a size 11.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the service at the store. Karen was extremely helpful with every single question I had to ask. She was helpful coming with us to find the right shoe for Elliw and was really nice towards Elliw too. Elliw got a sticker from her, which she loved. It's always a good idea to get your child's feet measured just incase you are damaging their feet with a small or too big size of a shoe. I would really recommend Brantano's free shoe fitting service.

1. Measure your child's feet each time you buy new shoes, if not then ideally you should get them measured once every three months.
2. Do not let your child wear a shoe that is miles too big or way to small and tight
3. Find a comfortable shoe that your child can walk and run in
4. When going for a free shoe fitting with your child, try the shoes on and let them walk up and down the store
5. Be sure to buy a shoe that fit comfortably around their foot

How often do you get your child's foot measured?

* This is a review. I was given two pairs of shoes for my girls in return of an honest review.
All words, photos and opinions are my own


  1. It is great that you were given two free pair of shoes and I like that they gave you a free shoe fitting too.

  2. Do you know I've never been to Brantano, I might just have to pop in and check them out :) x

  3. It's so important to keep an eye on shoe fitting for the little ones growing feet, as you say it can do damage if shoes are too big or small. It's lovely to see that Brantano still offer this service for free. I remember having to go to Clarks all the time to get it done when I was a child. x

  4. What a pleasant experience! I like that advice. Growth spurts can come quickly so it's a good idea to get the kids measured.

  5. I went to Brantano once, not a good experience on the shoes but this was an issue with the shoes not the shop, but they are also fantastic on their after sale customer service if there is a problem. I have not got one near me which is why I have only visited once but have friends who go all the time x

  6. It's so important to have shoes fitted so that they are comfortable, especially for kids.

  7. I need to get my little man measured so will see if they have a store near me.

  8. Lucas hot his feet measured for the first time last month, I might take him to Brantano next time as its only 10 min away from us x

  9. Is it weird that I used to love going for a shoe fitting when I was their age! haha

  10. Yay for actual proper shoe fitting, especially with young children, it is so important x

  11. I didn't realise this was free! Its so important for everyone, especially kids x

  12. Comfort is the priority then the design. :) So knowing the right size of the feet would definitely be great to find the proper pair of shoes for Children. :)

  13. I think it's really important to look after your childrens feet with good quality shoes and a reliable fitting.

  14. I used to hate trying to get my childrens feet measured - it was a nightmare! This sounds so much easier x

  15. I quite like Brantano but it's a real lottery when you get there which puts me off getting my girls shoes from there but I do agree that we need to keep measuring and looking after our kids feet even well inot their teenage years

  16. I do think it is certainly critical to tend your current kid's foot using quality sneakers and also a reputable installing.


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