100 Summer Activities

It's the first day of Summer and the weather has been pretty gloomy here up in North Wales but that won't stop us planning our Summer. But when it does come to school holidays it can be a struggle to plan things through the whole 6 weeks. 6 weeks is a long time, especially for the kids as they can get bored pretty quickly. Here, I've thought of 100 things to do over the Summer holidays which will keep you and your children busy.

1. Finger Painting
2. Paint/decorate some plates
3. Do your own family photos
4. Go outdoors and let your child take photos
5. Go to an event
6. Make your own ice cream
7. Bake some cupcakes
8. Outdoor picnic
9. Go to the park
10. Indoor picnic
11. Invite your child's friend over
12. Go to a friend's house
13. Go to the beach
14. Visit a fair if anything is on
15. Water fights
16. BBQ in the back garden/beach/friends
17. Have a lazy day in the house watching films
18. Rock painting
19. Go for a walk
21. Go bowling
22. Play football/rugby
23. Meet up with a friend and go for food

24. Go to the cinema
25. Visit a family member
26. Sleepover night
27. Do an indoor / outdoor treasure hunt
28. Visit a library
29. Play centre
30. Colouring and writing activities
31. Role play {postman, shop keeper etc}
32. Play board games
33. Play console games {Wii, PlayStation etc}
34. Mini sports day with friends
35. Go swimming
36. Feed the ducks
37. Go on a boat ride
38. Visit a museum
39. Visit a zoo
40. Collect outdoor items and make a scene at home
41. Build your own den
42. Sort toys out
43. Jump in muddy puddles!
44. Make your own song up
45. Do your own pizza
46. Sleep in the tent in the back garden
47. Sand and water play 
48. Make your own play dough
49. Make your own fashion dolls
50. Write your own story

51. Do your own puppet show
52. Try knitting/sewing
53. Make your own ice cream
54. Go ice skating
55. Stay in a caravan
56. Make your own coloured paints
57. Fly kites
58. Family movie night
59. Go fishing
60. Pick some blackberries
61. Strawberry picking
62. Bake your own cookies
63. Read books
64. Make your own smoothies
65. Collect shells and rocks on the beach
66. Pick flowers
67. Find outdoor animals and tick them off on activity sheet
68. Dye your t-shirts
69. Visit a farm
70. Play hopscotch
71. Chalk drawing outside
72. Organise an afternoon tea
73. Visit a family-friendly festival
74. Walk up a mountain
75. Play mini golf
76. Feed farm animals
77. Horse riding
78. Face painting

79. Walk on a pier
80. Build your own Lego dream house
81. Family bike race
82. Make your own lemonade
83. Visits family friendly arcades
84. Visit a sea aquarium
85. Make animals out of balloons
86. Go for a car ride and find somewhere new to visit
87. Paper aeroplanes
88. Make fruit kebabs
89. Catch bugs
91. Start a Summer journal
92. Go camping
94. Have a family day out
95. Have a fun fashion show
96. Get the paddling pool out
97. Make pancakes
98. Re-decorate a room
99. Gardening and plant new flowers
100. Visit a national trust park

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  1. This is a great list. There really is a lot to do over the summer! #MarvMondays

  2. What a fantastic list. I think I might print it out and see how many we can do over the summer x

  3. Lots of great ideas here. The weather has been rubbish here too for the first day of summer! #Marvmondays

  4. Fab list - will be coming back to this when I'm stuck for ideas in the school hols! #MarvMondays

  5. Wow, that's what I call serious business! You are a pro and the pics are just lovely. Can't wait for my Baba to grow up and explore some of these ideas. #KCACOLS

  6. That's a long list but some great things on here. I love all the outdoor ones. #MarvMondays

  7. What an amazing and thorough list! Definitely pinning this post and sharing with others :)

  8. Great list - we need to make some plans for the summer. SO many places the kids keep asking to go to x

  9. I am a total National Trust geek, I love visiting different places! I love the idea of making our own ice cream too!


  10. Wow, what a fab list. Woe betide the phrase, "I'm boooored!" lol #marvmondays

  11. Great list, I think this will come in really handy on maternity leave. Im already starting to run out of ideas of different things to do so Ill definitely be taking some ideas from here :-) Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  12. Great list - you could add Geocaching too!? #KCACOLS

  13. This is a fab list!Whilst I'm looking forward to not having to do the school run,I'm definitely not looking forward to the kids fighting and moaning they're bored!! #kcacols

  14. Wow such a huge list! I will really need to come back to it when my daughter starts her holidays as she has about 2 months of holidays! It is a long time so I will need some ideas for sure. Thanks so much lovely for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is great having you here, :) x

  15. Great ideas! We'll be doing a lot of these over the next few months! Fingers crossed for some good weather :) #KCACOLS

  16. I love how many activities you've come up and ones that are perfect for the family or just to do on your own! With my little one due to be born very soon I shall certainly be taking a few ideas of this list! x

  17. Great list - it rains so much with us in West Wales, all year round! Kaz :)

  18. Bring on warmer weather - those not to hot. I can't wait to explore new castle and to sit on the beach. Very nice list. xx

  19. what a great list of activities for people to complete, should never be bored.

  20. Oh what a fantastic post! I will so be coming back to this when it gets warmer, in the meantime, I'm going to pin it to remind me! Thank you!

  21. I can't wait for summer to come round again, I'll be coming back to this post once the better weather comes around as there are some brilliant ideas here! x

  22. These are great ideas. I love strawberry picking, would love to go again now as an adult. x

  23. Such a good list of ideas for parents who are stuck for things to do xo

  24. Fantastic list! Going to add this to our pinterest board and see if we can cross them all off before the end of the year.


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