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Meadow Kids Review

From a young age I have always loved writing and anything else to do with crafts. I was always interested and I always loved using my imagination. When I had my kids I always hoped they would be the same in that way and luckily, they both are. My eldest, Mia, is more into her stationary more than my youngest daughter, Elliw. Mia could sit down for hours with a pen and paper and just write, draw and use her imagination. Elliw is slowly getting there but can't sit down for long. I do think Elliw will eventually be like her big sister.

We were recently asked if we wanted to review some items from the lovely people at Meadow Kids. I took a look at their website and instantly knew that all or most of the products my girls would love, so I said yes. When I received the items I was really happy with them and couldn't wait to get them out for the girls. In the pack we received one Fashion Designer Carry Case, Build A Stable bath toy and one Mini Fashion Designer.

When I showed the girls, they got so excited and really couldn't wait to open them. First of all they opened the Fashion Designer Carry Case. I was really pleased with quality of the items in the carry case. There was a bit of choice with everything and the girls loved the fact they had so much too choose from. As you can see with Elliw, she loved dressing her girl up in a few different things, ha ha!

The pack contains:
4 Models
8 Felt tips pens
105 Colour in stickers
278 Coloured stickers
2 Glitter glue sticks
1 'Style and sketch'
1 Instruction book

The girls had so much fun sticking down their outfits on their chosen models and then designing them with glitter glue, felt tips and accessory stickers. The girls were over the moon with their finished design. I would really recommend this as a gift or just something to buy a craft loving child!

Mia loves the Mini Fashion Designer pack which contains: 8 felt tips, 2 glitter pens, 1 style book, 1 1 sketch book and 1 sticker book. This kind of pack is what Mia is really into. She loves stickers and she loves drawing. It was perfect for her. Elliw loved the Build a stable which is a bath toy but first she played it out of the bath and still loved playing it. The items are made out of really chunky foam which is great quality. It comes with 9 foam pieces and a handy storage pack.

Meadow Kids offer a great range of educational craft and toys for children. There are many kinds of crafts and toys to choose from such as bath, crafts, toys and books. As children get older, we as parents still need to learn them different things and help them with their development and you can learn a child many things by doing fun things. After reviewing these items from Meadow Kids, I am extremely pleased about the items and I really do recommend their products.

** Update - Meadow Kids website has now been deleted.

* I was given these items free of charge, in return of an honest review.
All words and photos are my own, as always.


  1. The mini fashion designer pack looks like a lot of fun its no wonder she liked it so much. Meadow kids looks great x

  2. Craft sets like this are great for kids, I used to love doing stuff like this. It seems that your kids enjoyed it x

  3. Oh wow what an awesome looking kit, I'm sure I would have loved something like this when I was younger :) x

  4. Aaahhhh how cute, it looks like your mini fashion designers had a great time with this.

  5. Ohhh it looks like your girls loved it so much! I think my friend's little girl would have a field day with this - and Toby when he's older! H x

  6. My niece loves anything to do with crafts, so I know she would love something like this.

  7. Aw this is so cute, I am not sure who looks the most proud of their creation x

  8. ooo this is a great idea! they can be really creative and who knows, they might go into fashion designer :P

  9. Oh wow! It reminds me on the Paper Dolls I used to play. These are great items to unravel your kids' fashion sense :)

  10. Aw this is a great idea, love how happy they look too!

  11. These craft packs look like so much fun My niece would love these.

  12. These are a great idea, lots of fun to keep little ones entertained. The girls seem very happy with their creations x

  13. What a fabulous activity pack! My daughters would have loved this when they were small - Love what your girls created too x

  14. I would have loved this as a kid! I really enjoyed designing clothes and I had a paper doll that I really liked too - this is like a combination of the two :)

  15. I would have loved these when I was younger!! Looks like great fun x

  16. Oh those little faces look so pleased with themselves. Would have loved packs like this when I was younger - My little ones would love them too. Little fashion designers of the future!

  17. Oh these are so sweet! I reckon I would have loved these as a little girl xxx

  18. This is such a cute set. I bet your girls loved them.

  19. This craft set looks great. Your two little ones look like they had plenty of fun. I like the idea of the Build a Stable, i think my niece would enjoy doing that

  20. My girlies would love these packs! They're so cute and I'm sure it would keep the girls entertained for a couple of hours!


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