28 May 2013

Money saving.

When you have kids your money does get tight, especially when you have your own house to pay for with bills etc. Our bills come up to near a £1000 a month. We can just about to afford it. I had to quit my job of 2 years after maternity because i couldn't afford childcare for both children & the travelling costs to get there because i had moved. 
Anyway i'm not the best person to save money, but what i do is put all my loose change in a pot. I've saved over £100 in not much time tbh! 
Even if you just save £1 a day or even £10 a week, just think how much you would save by Christmas! There's only about 7 months left until Christmas now (sorry haha) so we all better start saving to spoil our kiddies :-)!

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