Yeah, so i'll be honest most of my clothes for my girls do come from Ebay! But  i wouldn't buy them or put them on my girls if they weren't in good condition! The clothes i've had from there so far have been in fab condition! I love it when i see bargains on clothes from Next though! I go a little bit too mad on it sometimes haha! Actually just writting this post now, about 5 minutes ago i was in a bidding war on a leopard print cardigan for my youngest! I got it for £4.60 with £1.50 postage. Which isn't bad! It's lovely! 
When you go bid on an item, if you see an item you like but it doesn't end for a while then just click 'Watch' on it an you will have an e-mail or notification on your phone whatever you have, about 30 minutes before, which then i wait for 10 minutes, put your maximum bid on then wait! :-) That is how i win alot of the items i want!
I don't tend to buy shoes on there, only once or twice i have done that tbh! Unless they are brand new!
When my girls grow out of their clothes, well with Mia i tend to keep hers to go down to Elliw my youngest, but Mia has got so much clothes, so i have tried to sell some that i know I won't put on Elliw. Elliw's clothes that she grows out of, i sell them. I wait until i know she is fully out of them, then i sell the whole lot together. Usually i get roughly £40 - £50. But this time with 12-18 months i have got a lot more! But with 18-24 months, oh my god is all i can say haha! She has got LOADS :-) But i still think of an excuse that she needs more clothes haha!! Mia does need more 4-5 years old clothes but it is so hard choosing for her, i can't really buy any 'fashionable' because she is VERY fussy with her clothes, she is the type of girl who will only wear, hoodies, trackies, leggings, jeans and a normal top. She won't wear nothing fancy. She is a little bit of a tomboy though haha! :-)

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