Learning a toddler how to ride a bike!

So every child comes to an age where they want to learn how to ride a bike! Usually around 3. Well my daughter had a bike for Christmas 2012 from her Taid (my dad) and her Great Nain & Great Taid (my nain and taid). I went with my Dad to Smyths Toystore @ Llandudno few weeks before Christmas to have a look at bikes and we were lucky enough to see this bike because it is called 'Mia' :-) 
Learning a toddler to ride a bike can be very frustrating since they think the bike will move when they pedal backwards and moan when the bike doesn't move haha! First few weeks we were pulling Mia with a belt tied onto the front of the bike.
There was a sponsered walk with her school on Monday 17th where she took her scooter, She then rode her friends bike, and she ACTUALLY rode the bike right!! I was so happy, she wasn't riding it for long, but she actually moved on the bike and was pushing the pedals the right way!! Finally!
The next evening when my boyfriend came home from work, i took Mia for a walk so she could ride her bike, I'm lucky to live close to a long path which is an old road, where no cars go on. She went all the way AND back! and still wanted to go further but it was bed time for her! 
I am quite lucky in where i live really, there are 3 cycle tracks to go on, but i took her on this particular one because its on a straight road from mine, the other two i have to go down the streets and up streets, doesn't take long but i found it safer taking her on the old road :-) a bit closer to home too.

I am so proud of my girl. 

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