A day out!

So today i went out with my Dad and my daughter Elliw, while Iwan was out in Chester Races with his friends for one of their 30th birthday, and mia was in her dads for the night.
So me and my Dad went out for a walk in place just outside Llandudno called Rhos-On-Sea. It was very hot! We walked along the front, the beach was packed! Some girl and boy ruined it at the start for me by randomly talking about me and laughing at me! So i just looked around and stared at them, they turned around once or twice, but since they knew i was looking at them they didnt look back! I HATE people like that. Well.. anyway... change of subject... after that, we decided to take Elliw from the pram and let her walk! AHH Stress haha! We had put her reigns on her, but ohmygod ha ha. She was so slow but so funny. She kept wanting to touch the floor, i have no reason why.

It was such a lovely day. A lovely long walk, and then we went on some kind of new pier they have recently built, was quite nice, had no idea what it was to.be.honest! But we let Elliw free to run around because it was safe for her and we could keep an eye on her!

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