Keep your children busy this Summer!

Summer holidays are coming up since it is the last week of school & i am so worried on how am i going to keep my eldest entertained since she is so used to going to school 9am until 1pm every day!

1. Back garden.
Nice, Simple, Relaxing, Cheap..
You don't have to spend your money, you can relax in your own back garden. Just bring the toys and the paddling pool out and let the children get on with it :-)! Plaster them with sun cream and let them get on with it!

2. Days out.
Plan a day out, wake up early, make packed lunch and go somewhere for the day!
Kids always love to go somewhere different! With me having two children different ages i've seen that both of them like to be in a different place, a place they are safe to run about and enjoy themselves! Oh and where they are so tired at the end of the day they sleep good for you all night haha!

3. Days out with Family Members.
Take the kids out with family members or friends even! More company for you and them! Especially if they got kids too its even better! But it is nice to bring a family member along i think. I love going out places with my Dad, my nain & taid and my partners mother. I enjoy quality time with them, and i love my girls bonding with them.

4. Weekend away.
Book a weekend or a few days or even lucky a week away with your family! The kids will love a different place! You can get last minute deals with most places.I would love to take last minute deals but unfortuntley with my partners job we are unable to do that, which i am quite gutted about to be honest! But we have been on a weekend away a couple of weeks ago with my partners parents and my girls. It was fantastic and we went to gullivers world the day after.

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