Growing up.

Dear Mia..
You have grown up too be a clever, beautiful little girl, who has very bad tempers but also a very caring and loving little girl. The things you say too me are lovely, you have said 'you are my hero' 'i love you' you always know how to put a smile on my face. i'll never forget that day i held you for the first time. It was amazing looking at your beautiful face looking back at me. That moment i will never forget. 
You are starting school next Tuesday, and this time you are wearing your school uniform. You will be going for 2 hours in the afternoon so i'm sure you will be very tired coming home! 
You are still that very protective sister over Elliw. You make sure she is ok, you always check on her, and you both have started to play together now which i love too see. You try your best too write your name now, and you love drawing.

You are now in-
Size 7 - 8 shoes.
3-4 years / 4-5 years clothes.
Weighs 2st 10lbs.
Loves sleeping with her minnie mouse.

Until next time baby girl 

All my love

Mam x x x


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