Is being a parent hard work?

Does being a parent change your life? Is being a parent actually hard work?
Well my opinion, yes it is and yes it does.
I fell pregnant at the age of 16 (young i know!) so by the time Mia was born when i was 17 i had to grow up and act so much older than i was. I didn't get those 'teenage life' where your friends go out drinking and go on a girls holiday etc. Never had that and never will. But i wouldn't change my girls for the world.

Money - People don't realise until you have children how much money you actually spend on them! You need to make sure they have milk (if bottle feeding), food, nappies, wet wipes, clothes, shoes & also make sure you have gas & electric in the house for them! And especially before they are even born you spend £100's! Prams, nursery furniture, etc! Also you need to spend if you go days out somewhere in the week or weekends with your children.

Time - You don't really get much time too yourself until the kids are in bed, or if someone babysits for you. It's quite important really too try and get some time to yourself or time with your partner/friends. Children take so much of your time through out the day (and night for some parents) you're constantly on the go, making sure they are happy, fed and changed and get their naps! 

Sleep - With new born babies every parent loses sleep, but as baby gets into a routine some parents catch up a bit on their sleep except an odd night or two! But there are a lot of parents with even toddlers who don't sleep well at night. My youngest daughter wakes up most nights for a bottle, change of nappy and sometimes cuddles or sometimes just cries for nothing.

Has your life changed since having a baby?

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