When i was pregnant with Elliw (my 2nd) i was always worried on how Mia would react! She was an only child for over 2 years, how was she supposed to react to such a big thing in her life?! When she met Elliw first time in hospital, she was so shy, and she didn't really take much notice of her. She was too young to understand. The first few weeks/months Mia was actually showing how much she loved her little sister so much. Every morning she would come to Elliw's moses basket and give her a bottle or give her toys! She would always like to hold her and play with her. 
Now that Elliw is older, she walks and babbles, Mia does have more fun with her, but i think the only thing she doesn't like is when she is playing by herself Elliw comes along and hits her toys over ha ha! But otherwise they are both fantastic with eachother.
Mia is deffintley going to be that protective sister over Elliw. 
There are a few 'arguements' and 'fights' now and they are only 1 & 3 years old! Elliw has now started to do it back to me which is funny sometimes. (not hitting etc) They both have a laugh with each other so i can't ask for better! 
Still to this day Mia will go see Elliw every morning.

Have you got more than one child ? What are they like with each other ?

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