Nexcare - Maternity Support Band Review

Nexcare Maternity Support Band -

My nephew is due October 16th, so i thought this band would be ideal for Catriona. She wore this for a couple of days and let me know how she felt about it - This is what she had said -

''This product is quite comfortable to use. I found it was just the right size for me and fitted nicely. I was quite excited to try the band when I saw that it helped with back ache, seeing as my back was really bothering me and had been for quite some time, it helped a lot with lower back pains, but didn’t do anything for the pains higher up my back, but I didn’t really expect it too. But overall when I was wearing it the pain was a lot better than usual. Usually when I’m walking about for abit, well not even that long, my bump starts to feel really heavy, but the band was very supportive and stopped it feeling quite so heavy, making walking about easier. since its summer and I’m constantly hot, with the band being skin tight it does get quite hot which would make my skin feel itchy. If I wore it around the house I could easily just put it on over my top and it would be fine, but couldn’t really do that when outside so that’s when it would bother me. But my skin has gone really sensitive since being pregnant, I’ve had to change the body washes I use and everything because of it, so the band might not bother other peoples skin like it has with mine, or if using over colder weather might not experience this problem with the band. Also I don’t feel constantly uncomfortable when using the band, which is definitely something I was starting to find quite annoying, but when I wear the band I find it much easier to sit in a comfortable position.
Overall I think it is a good and helpful product to use, especially if experiencing lower back pains, as that’s what I think it’s helped with the most.''

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* I was given this product for free too review it. I was not paid to do this. All words and opinions are Catriona's only.

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