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I was looking forward too what i was going to receive from 1Two , i was given this Windmill Stackeroo, and was very pleased with it! I couldn't wait to give it too Elliw to play with! I knew she would love it!
I think wooden toys are ideal for children, one of the safest toys to have i think! 

Well when i gave this to Elliw she was actually really excited even for a 17 month old! This toy is for 18 months + but she will be 18 months on the 5th next month so i thought i'll just let her play with it now, no harm done! 
She sat there for atleast an hour playing with this toy! She loved it, The round pieces is made of plantation wood and painted with child safe paints so very safe if your child likes biting things like Elliw does at the moment ha ha! 
There are two holes on the round pieces which learn children about 3D, but in my opinion i don't think Elliw was too interested if it was 3D, 4D or 2D whatever ha ha! She was really concentrating on putting the holes on the stick! One thing i really liked was the stick wasn't stuck, you could bend it! Which is ideal for a child who can be very clumsy at times. She loved putting the round pieces on top of eachother in the end, and banging them together. 

I would recommend this toy, it kept my daughter very entertained for a very long time! 

The Windmill Stackeroo is available here (1Two)
Costs - £12.99

*I was given this product for free to do a review. All words are my honest opinion.


  1. I love wooden toys, I've got quite a few on Abby's christmas list! Lovely review!

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  4. Me too! I'm going to get My girls more wooden toys for this christmas too i think!


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