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Hello! Sorry i haven't been blogging recently! Had quite a few busy days to be honest, and today/tonight is going to be a lazy day/night! Well what have i been up to? I have been to doctors and got an infection! & on anti-biotics since Wednesday but luckily finish them today! I turned the big 21 yesterday and had a lovely family day out! 
I was thinking for a few weeks what could i do on the day of my birthday, as i went out with a few drinks for a few (too much) drinks the saturday before my birthday (17th August). 

I wanted to spend the actual day with my two girls and family. So i decided to go to Gypsy Wood so it would have been more fun for the girls. Me, My taid, Nain, Dad, Little brother, Cousin, my girls and my partners mother came with us! 
We had so much fun! 

The kids really enjoyed themselves, we were there for hours! There were parts where you can see the animals, and i liked how all the animals had so much space to run or do whatever they wanted! I think Elliw was fasinated about the animals ha ha ! There is so much room for the kids to run about! And to top it all off, the weather was fantastic! Was so hot! 

I was so spoilt! I got ; perfume, money, keyrings, jewellery, lots of cards, teddy, house phones, bag, & drinks!
To end the day off me and my partner got a chinese (a proper meal) which i hadnt had since i started Slimming World in April. 
Oh and we had a cheeky piece of chocolate cake that my dad had bought me! uh-oh. Not looking forward for the scales on Monday!
oh well i am only 21 once , and i really enjoyed it :-) 

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