Life as a Stay-At-Home mum!

As you might know i haven't always been a stay at home mum! I finished work in a nursery when i was 30 weeks pregnant, then i quit my job once my maternity had finished - a few reasons - I fell into depression, I couldn't take the stress from the workers/boss anymore, I had moved house which was half n hour a away on a bus and the biggest thing, we could not afford childcare for both kids! It would have taken ALL my wages and some of Iwans so we decided for me to stay home with the kids and Iwan stay in his Full Time job. 
I have been looking for work since i quit, but i can't find one which is suitable for us. I would need one close, and need one 7pm - 10pm. So what we have decided is the best time for me to go for a job is when my two girls are both in full time school. I would like to work with children still and work towards my level 3.
Some people may think a stay-at-home mum does absoloutley nothing! As i have heard a lot saying they are 'lazy' and so on. Well i would love too see those people have a child or children and look after them 24/7. It isn't a 9-5 job it is a 24/7 job. 
You need to make sure they are happy, cleaned, dried, washed, fed. Also when they are in bed you're still on duty as a mum by keeping an eye out in case they cry in the night or don't settle! Even those parents with children who sleep all night every night they still have an odd night where a child doesn't settle! 
You need too think of ideas to keep them busy through-out the day, as you probably know babies get bored really quick! Here are a few tips too keep them busy through the day -

  • Go for a walk, let them run about. 
  • Take them to the park, This is also a bonus if they interact with other children!
  • Paint! Let them be messy and paint!! 
  • Colouring books and pencils/crayons. Let them be creative! 
  • Take them on a day out. Go take them out somewhere such the Zoo maybe! 
  • Meet your friends.
  • Sing and dance! Why not put the music channel on and just act like a kid with yours!! (excercise too!)
  • DIY .. Do some crafts, all kids love doing things like this!
  • House work - may seem boring but kids can actually enjoy this! Also your bonding together whilst your doing it!
There is so many things to keep a child entertained during the day! 

STAY AT HOME MUMS ARE - cooks, teachers, childminders, alarm clock, waitress, nurse, photographer, referee, handyman, even planner, hair dresser, personal assistant.

Can be very stress full at times but it is all worth it at the end of the day. 
They won't be babies for long! So make the most of it!

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