Thinking of baby no.2?

When we found out that i was pregnant for the 2nd time i was in shock as i was on the pill. The 2nd pregnancy was so much different from the 1st. In my 1st pregnancy i never had morning sickness, i never had back pain etc! All i had was Obstetric Cholestatis (which i will have in every pregnancy) but in this 2nd pregnancy, i was crying at night times with morning sickness, i was in agony with back pain, i had no energy, i was so tired and i just really didn't feel my self! 
All thoughts went through my head when i pregnant..
"Am i going to love this child the same as my first?"
You have a child already so you do think can you share that love with another child?! Will you have that same bond with 2nd child as you do with your 1st?
I was so scared i wasn't going to cope with 2 children, Always wondered - How am i going to do it? They both have very different milestones. Also the big question was.. How was Mia going to react to being a big sister? 

Well when Elliw was born, I did love Elliw exactly the same as Mia and i did/do have that bond with Elliw as i have with Mia. The love to both my children is unbreakable. 
I did find it very hard to cope, and i still do sometimes now! I did fall into depression with this but got my self out of it after a year and a bit! If you ever feel too stressed, upset, down and feel like you can't do it, then please talk to someone or go to the doctors like i did. 

It was obviously going to be hard, but i never knew it was this hard to be honest, Mia is a fantastic sister. But still tackling her potty trainning and looking after a 17 month running everywhere it can be quite hectic in this house! Also with Mia's tempers where she bites, slaps, pinches and throws things, i got to make sure she doesn't lash out on Elliw one day.

What i find helpful is if you join them both in to the same thing, For example - if you change the babys nappy, join the eldest in and ask her/him to help you! 
It really helped for me, and i still do it now! 

Now that Elliw is older, she can do more things with Mia such as running around everywhere! And sometimes play, unless she just wrecks what Mia is already playing with (haha) 

Having two children is very very tireing but so worth it.
You have such a special bond with both of them, and i love how they have a special bond between them.

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