GumiGem Bubba Bag Review

Recently i received these Teething Toys from GumiGem and they came at the right time! Elliw hasn't really been bad for teething but she was worse than Mia, but she has got one or two teeth left to grow and they are hurting her and she is dribbling everywhere, i don't really buy teething toys because the ones i see in shops i'm not so keen on them, so when i received these i thought they were ideal! The whole teething toy was teething material, no plastic hard parts as you get in most shops. A bonus too was having a bag too keep them in! Which Elliw loved putting them in & out.

From the day we got these from GumiGem Elliw has atleast one or two of these in her hands and just bites away! I think these have done really well to help her with her teeth and gums. She has been non stop dribbling all day and night. When she has these she calms down after a bit. As a few nights she has been waking up because of her teeth, so she has two of these in her cot now, I've put the 2 square ones in her cot.

Her best one is the keys as she loves playing with keys and now she has own set of keys which also help her teeth! Also i think she likes these too as it reaches the back teeth where she is teething! 

I would really recommend these Teething Toys if your baby is teething. 

They are soft, flexible non-toxic washable silicone - the same material as their Teething Jewellery. 

You can order these for £19.99 here.

Too see more of GumiGem range of Teething products check out their site here

* I was given this product for free too do an honest review - all opinions are my own and nobody else's. I did not get paid too do this post. 

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