Life On Mondays #1

Life On Mondays ;
Thought i would do this every Monday (if i have time) from now on. 
Well today has been a very unplanned day since the Electric ran out this morning so we had to rush to get dressed and down to the shop to more money on the stick - luckily we are pay as you go, which we find much easier. We usually only spend £10 a week on electric but since we have got the new tumble we have been using so much more, and how Mia seems to like switching all 4 lights on in the living room.

Well so after we went to get electric we popped up to Iwans mam's house for a bit then we came back, had lunch (the girls) and got Mia dressed for school & took her too school by 1pm. So we have had quite a busy morning to be honest! 

At the moment writting this, Elliw is having her nap - but slowly waking up! Not had a nap for long at all! 

Later tonight going to my usual Slimming World Group to get weighed! 

This is the view from my window in the living room - i love it!
The weather keeps changing! Knowing my luck it will pour down when it's time to get Mia from school at 3pm!

What have you been doing today?

Why don't you join us with 'Life On Mondays' and let us know what you do on Mondays along with your pictures! 

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