Is there a right time to have a baby?

Personally, there is no right time and no wrong time to have a baby. But saying that, through my experience of having two girls - so close at age - i do think it is best if you have a job or work experience behind you at least, stable with money, your own house and also in a stable relationship. 

Money is quite important when having a baby. I know exactly what it is like to be pregnant young and have no money at all coming through. I started working but had to quit as i fainted on the first day - and fainted a couple of weeks after. I couldn't get income support until my baby was born - i had to rely on my dad for nappies, wet wipes clothes etc! People don't realise how expensive these little babies are! I didn't until i went through it. Before planning i would think - are you really stable to have a baby right now? Also try and think when the baby is born too.

Job/Work experience
I hate not working at the moment - but will be in a job once both girls are in full time school. I can't do it at the moment because my partner is in full time work (so we don't get income support and no benefit help) and we can not afford the child care at the minute for both children since Mia is part time school and Elliw hasn't started yet. I think it is always best to have a job or atleast work experience before you have a baby. 

It's always best to have your own home when you have your baby so the baby can settle. With my first i shared a house with my dad and brother - as much as i love them - i didn't like living there because i wanted my own space, i wanted to do my own thing - i wanted to have my own house, where i could put my own things anywhere i wanted to. Other than that i did like living with my Dad and brother! But it is always nice to have your own space and do your own thing when you have your own child. 

It is always nice to be in a stable relationship - and you probably are if you are planning on having a baby but one thing what people always think is - having a baby will make your relationship better - to be honest, no. Yes you have some kind of different bond as you share a child but it puts pressure and stress on to your relationship when you have a baby due to lack of sleep, tiredness, take in turns, going out etc! But i have been a single mother too with my first child - it's always nice to have some support from family & close friends.

Am i ready for another child now?
I do want another child, but am i ready? No. Due to me not long coming out of depression and not 100% stable on money yet. I am going to wait. I would like my last baby when the girls are in full time school - which means i can go into a job, and then after a year or so start trying for our 3rd child. As i would like a child before i am 30. But also we would be like to buy a house before we have another baby. We are looking at moving house next week, and buying this time not private rent - quite looking forward to having our very own home. Also with Mia having such bad tantrums and Elliw slowly coming into her terrible 2's and Mia still potty training and Elliw will be starting too - i would like to concetrate on getting them out of nappies - and let them grow up a little first.

There are quite a few things too think about really if you are thinking about having a baby. 

Are you trying for a baby? Would you have another? How many kids do you want? 

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