Amber Teething Necklace Review

I was kindly sent a Mother and Baby Amber Teething necklaces. My youngest Elliw who is 18 months was all of a sudden waking up at night, being very sore in her nappy and dribbling loads! So i thought - how can an amber necklace work?

These Baltic Amber necklaces and bracelets are hand-made of natural Baltic-Amber. It is thought that when Amber is on the skin's warmth releases miniscule amounts of healing oils from the amber which are then absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. The other thing is based on scientific findings which have shown that amber is electromagnetically (phew!) alive and produces significant amount of organic, purley natural energy! Amber has also been attributed with protection from illness, enhancement of immunity to disease and infection, and to signify an important exchange between the giver and the gift!

But you still think, does it actually work?!

Well it's not only a lovely necklace! it does actually work! I did see a change in Elliw wearing it. She wore it most days. I put it on her when we were in the house, as i didn't like fact of her wearing it in her pram where she wiggles and moves so much whilst sitting down stuck in a pushchair. (I'm a bit fussy sorry!!) And i took it off when she had naps and went too sleep! I would always be in the room with her, unless i just went into kitchen to do a wash or the dishes! 

Her nappy rash had calmed down, she stopped waking up at night! So the necklace must have worked! I was quite suprised because some part of me thought it wouldn't but it did! I was so happy! And Elliw loves having it on, and one really good thing is, the necklace isn't big enough for them to bite it like she wants to do once i put it on, then she just forgets about it! 

While your child wears this necklace you should not leave them unattended. They are also made for wearing not chewing. Take the necklace off when sleeping or unattended! 

Mia has had a few toy princess necklaces from magazines and shops and Elliw goes ahead and breaks them then all the beads are all over the floor! Well what i really like with this necklace is if the necklace breaks none of the beads will go all over the place because the string is knotted between each bead! How good is that eh?! 

And look how easy it is too close this necklace! 

It fastens with a screw clasp which is very easy too close and open but difficult for your baby to do! Ideal!

You can find Amber Teething Necklaces here & here

Overall - we are very happy with this product. We would really recommend this product to any parents who have teething babies! 

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