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I was sent out some Organix Food Samples for my children to try out! And also an exciting Texploration experiment to do with my eldest - which i was really looking forward too do!

I recieved the Organix Creamy Strawberry & Apple yoghurt, Organix Finger Foods Multigrain Hearts Fruity (Strawberry), Blindfold (for the Texploration experiment), Organix Banana, Peach & Apple Muesli cereal and a small pot with a spoon.

Organix Finger Foods Multigrain Hearts Fruity - Strawberry -
These are suitable for 10 months onwards. I gave a small bowl of these to my youngest and eldest daughters. They are small heart shaped crisps, with dried strawberry bits. I even tried a few and it was nice ha ha! But my daughters loved them! What i found great with these was because of the size my youngest daughter had to concentrate to pick them which helps develop pincer grip! I am gutted i didn't have these for when Elliw was younger really, but i will be putting these on my future shopping list for sure! 

 Organix Banana, Peach & Apple Muesli cereal
Usually for breakfast Elliw has toast & fruit so i was quite interested in what she might think of this cereal. I added a few tablespoons of cows milk to the cereal, i thought it smelt quite nice! But Elliw didn't like it, i think it was the texture that she wasn't used to! This cereal is suitable for 10 months onwards.

Organix Creamy Strawberry & Apple yoghurt
I used too buy these for my eldest, Mia when she was a baby but i never bought any for Elliw. But i will deffintley be buying these, she absoloutley loved them! And she loves fruit and the sweet taste, this was a perfect pudding for her! These are suitable from 4 months onwards

All Organix Cereals (120g) are available at all major retailers and online at Amazon and Organix from £1.99

All Organix fruit pots (4x95g) are available at all major retailers and online at Amazon and Organix at £1.99

Texploration Experiment 1.
I was looking forward to do this experiment with my eldest daughter! It is very easy and fun to do! All you have to have is different textured foods and a blindfold.

On the plate is - Banana, Cucumber, Chicken pieces, Ham, Slice of Laughing Cow Triangle Cheese, Toast, Strawberry yoghurt. 
I mixed foods, some she liked and some she didn't. It was quite interesting seeing her face turn on the cucumber as she doesn't like that, and she wasn't quite keen on the toast to be honest! But she got the yoghurt, banana and ham correct the others i explained a little. She enjoyed it and i enjoyed it! 
Why don't you give it a go with your little ones? A great way for you both to have mother and child time! Or even Father and child time!! And a great way as your having fun your child is also learning different textures on foods! :-)

 * I was given these products to do an honest review - all opinions are my own. I was not paid to do this. 

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