Moving House

Me, my partner and children have moved twice and will be moving for the 3rd and last time next year. This time we are going to buy which i can not wait! We have private rented this house we are in now and the previous. 
What i really can't wait is to finally do what we exactly want in the house, might even take weeks, months or years to do it but we will be comfortable in our own home. We will know we won't have to put everything back straight when we move, and we know we will have a secure home. As the first house we moved into was also up for sale but was a bit too small. We only had Mia at the time as i was pregnant with Elliw and it was still too small for the 3 of us, we decided we can't carry on living in such a small house with another baby on the way. Our contract ended when Elliw was 2 weeks old, we lived in the house for 6 months and we moved to this one that we are in now. It has 3 bedrooms as the other one had 2 bedrooms and a walk in wardrobe. There are loads of things i wish i could do to this house to make it our own but there is no point doing it, even though they have told us they don't mind what we do. But knowing the rent is more than likely going to go up in April 2014 we just can not afford it, so hopefully we will be out of here and settling into our own home. 
What i'm worried about is the packing! But to be honest, when i was pregnant in my old house knowing we were moving out, i packed a box every day or maybe more boxes/bags. I packed the whole house really as Iwan works full time. We had a lot of help from family and 2 close family friends. Elliw was only 2 weeks old so i was quite worried that it was going to be too hard but a family member of Iwans offered too have her for a few hours, and she was only round the corner to where we live so it was ideal! 
From now i'll update what happens with this moving house :) We are looking at the moment - and viewing a house Saturday - YAY! - Excitied! 


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