Don't be skint over Christmas!

As we all know it is slowly coming up to Christmas! One main thing most of us parents worry about is - money. Well this post gives you some tips on how you can save your money during the year up to Christmas! 

1. Early Christmas shopping.
Why not get a few bits & bobs in the sales. Find a secret place where you can stock up on presents you have bought. The January Sales is the best too do. But yes, we are close to Christmas now.. so why not go shopping September or October, get it out of the way & you know then you will have money over Christmas time. 

2. Vouchers.
There are variety of different vouchers you can get with Christmas shopping. You can start any time of the year. I really regret not doing it this year but i will be next year. Even if it is just £5, £10 or even £20 a week/month! You pay how much and when you want, then at the end of the year you get those vouchers and you can go shopping and not worry about a thing! 

3. Make a list.
Make a list of what you want to get your children, or how about let them make the list (if they are old enough) and you get what is on that list (or similar) and nothing else.

4. Budget
Try and budget how much you want to spend, as kids don't really remember Christmases! They enjoy the presents but i've noticed if they get too much then they get bored don't they?

5. Charity shops & Ebay.
Does it really matter if the toy they have is second hand? I don't think it does. It would have to be in very good condition & very clean. But i would happily try and find things in charity shops and Ebay. Would save me a lot of money.

We all know children are very expensive on Christmases! I have to plan my eldest daughters 4th birthday first which is the 5th December. 

Try and enjoy spending this Christmas, don't go over budget, don't make yourself out of pocket! Enjoy it! 

& It's not long until it is CHRISTMAS! 

(i am a little too excited this year!)

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