Pretend & Play Post Office Review

Recently i was sent out a Pretend & Play Post Office to review from Learning Resources. I was really looking forward too doing this review. The delivery was very fast, so fast it was the next day i received it! I was so excited too open the box and show my eldest daughter Mia! 

I thought i would wait until my youngest went for her nap, once she went to sleep i showed Mia and as you can tell she was very excited and very happy!! 

I was quite shocked on how many things there was with this Post Office Role Play! I really liked that it had money in Pounds, Dollars and Euros as it can learn the child more about money! There is an Open and Closed sign which the child can write on and wipe off! Also i thought was ideal was the material of the Post Office itself! Especially that my daughter decided to write on it with the white board pen, but i managed to clean it off. This was the first toy that has kept her busy & quiet in so long! 

My daughter loved this product so much she even took this to her Dads for the weekend! As it was very easy to fold away and carry. 

What i really liked about this product was how there is a bag too keep the pennies (money) and the yellow part of the Post Office is where you can keep everything else if you want to tidy it away, Folds up with a handle which is handy, Very simple to tidy away and doesn't take room at all (which i loved!) 

This Pretend and Play Post Office is a great way too learn children about letters and money! My little brother who is 7 came down one day and they both played together and they was so busy and had real fun for ages!! 
As they are playing they are also learning !! 

This play set comes with over 150 items!! Which include, money, letters, open/close sign, parcels, envelopes, stamp stickers, stamp and so much more!

You can buy this Pretend and Play Post Office Review here for only £35.94

Learning Resources are offering FREE delivery on ALL orders for you lovely readers! All you have to do is enter 'BLOGGER13' at the checkout! Hurry up offer ends 31st December (Great for Christmas!)

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  1. Oh this looks great! My son would love it, and so would i lol!


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