Do you like where you live?

Two years ago i moved from a City to a Village. It was so different. I couldn't get used to it really for a while. As when i was living at home with my Dad (in the city) i could just walk to town where all the shops were, but when i moved here, it was quieter and not much to do, well i thought there wasn't much to do. In these past two years, i have started to appreciate where we live so much more. Looking out the window there is a lovely view of mountains and trees, there is a field outside from my house with two lovely white horses. There are so many ways and paths to go for a walk, and safe for the kids. The kids love going for a walk, even if it is just a walk to the park! There are a lot of cycle tracks that we take to go for a walk which is safe too use and just let the kids run around free. 

Do you like where you live?

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