31 Aug 2013

Celebrity Role Models.

Since i have two girls growing up so quickly, i do look at the fashion and the celebrities - and i do think if the young celebrities are like this now - what in the world are they going to be like when my two girls are older. I am dreading it. Mia is going to start noticing these half naked women in music videos in a couple of years - and i find it vile & wrong.
For instance - Anyone watch the VMA (Video Music Awards) on MTV the other night? Did you see Miley Cyrus' perfomance with Robin Thicke? The minute she came out to do her song 'Can't stop' until she was off TV was vile, wrong and giving the wrong impression too all her fans. 

1. What in the world was she wearing? Skin tight latex nude coloured bra & shorts. What impression does that give these young girls who are watching her? 

2. Grinding her a*se against Robin Thicke - Why do it on public TV knowing young people and children are watching?!

3. What in the world was that tongue of hers doing? seriously come on, grow up. Be a proper role model too your fans.

Is she thinking about her reputation at all? Is the even thinking of those fans who look up too her from when she started in Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel - i think no, she isn't.

But yet again on the other hand, she might be trying too hard on changing her image from that Disney girl and trying to put that behind her - but she is totally going the wrong way about it.

*Image from www.eonline.com via google.

Things like this is not something i want my daughters too watch when they are older. She really needs to grow up, start acting like a proper role model and think about her fans - at the end of the day if it wasn't her for her fans there would be no Miley Cyrus. From this perfomance i really do think she has lost a lot of respect from a lot of people - she has from me.

Justin Bieber is another celebrity i think who is not a good role model. Who remembers that incident where he spat at his fans from a balcony? Then taking a picture of himself and friends laughing/smiling straight after spitting & putting it on Instagram? Well i had him instagram before, i have now unfollowed him. 

These celebrities are so young - they really do need too be careful on their reputation or their career won't last i don't think. 

Rant over - 

Does anyone else agree? 

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