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In this post i'm going to talk about Facebook and Twitter. Is checking your Facebook and Twitter a daily thing?
Too me i check my Facebook once i wake up, it's like a morning newspaper to me to be honest! I used to be quite bad on it when i was younger - writting too much personal things on it - but now, if you have me on Facebook through my personal page then you will know all i talk about is my children mostly. 99% of the time it is about Mia & Elliw. I just like being nosey, but i do make sure my profile is completley private. 
I've been in a lot of trouble through Facebook, as people can easily take things the wrong way, and i take things the wrong way too when people say things which then lead into arguments. Well to prevent that from happening - i have made a new Facebook account - blocked everyone i don't get along with and only have family & close friends and people i know from Mia's school. I have found it much better and safer too.

Twitter i don't really use that much to be honest. I only go on it if i want to be nosey on Celebrities or through Rafflecopter if i am trying some Competitions with some Bloggers. 

Will you let your children use these sites such as Facebook and Twitter etc when they are older?
Well ideally i'd like them not to have these sites until they go in to secondary school really. So they will be around 12/13 but i would like them to be older, and i will make sure parental security is on the computers and i will make sure i have their passwords to check up now & then just too make sure no one sly is talking to them etc. Also hearing about suicides about SnapChat and i will just tell Mia and Elliw not to join any sites where you don't know who is talking to you etc. As i am totally against bullying.

Here are a few tips to be safe on sites such as Facebook and Twitter -

- Facebook & Twitter are very popular social media sites so make sure your profiles are private, if you have children make sure no one else can see them other than you and your friends on your account.

- Don't talk to someone you don't know.

- Don't meet up with someone you don't know. If you do decide go meet them in a public place and take someone (or more) with you.

- If someone starts harrassing you, abusing you, cyber-bullying you, report them and block them.

- If someone harrasses you too meet them, report to police and the site and delete and block them.

- If you have a child 16 and under, make sure you have their passwords to check up just incase (better to be safe than sorry)

-Try not to post personal things.

Have you started to think about what age you would like your child to sign up on a social media site such as Facebook? 

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  1. Following you on FB and off to follow on twitter

    Social Media is part of my everyday life, I check it everyday. My teenage son uses FB too, but this is only a fairly recent thing. He knows about Internet safety from school and from us talking to him about it

    Kind Regards


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