Hello Kitty Wooden Doll House

Hello Kitty Wooden
Dolls House.

I was really looking forward too doing this review. First thing i thought was - 'The girls would love this Hello Kitty dolls house'. Ever since i was a little girl i always wanted a dolls house, so i was really excited when i was asked to do review on this. 

This dolls house is handmade and is a 2 story wooden dolls house. Delivery was pretty quick. Once i opened the box, i was quite excited but quite dissapointed as i had to build the dolls house from scratch really. Anyway, i got building, they provided all the screws and the screwdriver (which i found very small). I couldn't find out screw driver so had to stick to this one i had in the box. I have too say i found it quite difficult too put everything together. It took me at least over an hour too get this built up, but if you're a better builder than me then you probably can do it quicker! 

The dolls house came with 13 wooden house furniture, and one hello kitty doll (which is really cute!) 

One thing i wasn't quite happy with was they provided 'gems' too cover the screws which i thought weren't very practical as i find gems easily fall off. The size of this house is quite small for the price in my opinion. Height - 48.7cm || Width - 44cm || Depth -24cm. 

The girls were very excited too play with it, as it was their first dolls house! I think too maybe improve this dolls house a bit more would be maybe they would consider too put a full back wall on to the house and not just a small plank silk painted wood, also make rooms in the house. As it looked pretty silly too me that the furniture was living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and the bathroom furniture was in the same room as the bathroom! I think have a wall in between these too make it look like a proper dolls house would make this a little better. 

Unfortuntley the front wall of this dolls house broke in less than 3 hours of my girls playing with it. The wall came off its hinges, and i had screwed the hinges on properly just as it says in the instructions. I found it quite dissapointing that my daughter a 3 nearly 4 year old actually managed to break it of its hinges and is now not fixable. I am not able to give it back too them as the hinges has pulled the wood off so it is dangerous for them play with now. I was quite scared incase one of them picked up the very tiny screw that we had too screw in for the hinges. 

Overall - I was very dissapointed in this product. I do think a lot of work needs to be done for this to make it worth £59.99. As i do think it is only this price because it is Hello Kitty - But safety wise - i don't think it is very safe if the front wall/door comes off its hinges so easily that a 4 year old can accidentally snap it by just opening it back. 

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  1. I love Hello Kitty things.I have my eye on a Hello Kitty toilet seat! (My husband said he may get it for me for our anniversary) Urbanities.com.au

  2. Oh Noooo Just put the same one together for my Grand Daughter for Christmas next week. You are right on about the small screws etc. We paid $69.99 Canadian. Looks like we may have just paid for kindling! HOPE NOT :(

  3. I need to thank you and this review of yours. For reading your post, I remembered the Hello Kitty toy furniture set I purchased online months ago. Yes, your post gave me the heads up that I need to buy my own HK dollhouse. Thanks to you!

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