Keep Your House Warm And Safe Money!

As we all know, most of the popular companies are going up in price in Gas & Electric! We are finding it quite hard with Gas & Electric. Roughly, we would spend £40 - £50 electric a month and over £100 in Gas a month. We are deciding too switch company but not sure too who as yet. So at the moment we are just trying too safe money and still keep warm in this chilly winter!
Here are a few tips too safe money with your gas and electric;

Switch all plugs off when finished with.
This is something i need to do more of to be honest! I am a guilty one of leaving switches on, especially in the bedroom we have an extension lead for mine, iwans phones chargers, the alarm clock and Mia's night light charger and i don't switch the switches off or even take the plugs out - which i should do really! But this is one thing you could consider doing too lower your electric bill.

Air dry yours clothes (if you have a tumble)
If you have a tumble dryer then maybe once in a while you could hang your clothes too dry? Get a cheap horse and dry them on that maybe. We do this now and then as we have seen the bill go up a lot more since we have got a tumble dryer.

Put a timer on heating
This is what we have. We have heating 6am - 9am for when the kids wake up and most of the time go for a bath then again at 5pm - 8pm for when the kids go to bed at 6.30pm. It does get chilly in the day but read below with what we do about that - if it is too chilly then we will decide too put the heating on! 

Wrap up
Get your wooly socks, slippers and dressing gowns out! Especially if you're having a lazy day what's better than cosey-ing up with your kiddies in pyjamas, dressing gown and socks/slippers! Nothing better! 

How do you keep your house warm - but save money at the same time?

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  1. We're planning to change suppliers too...
    Great ideas!!
    When I'm the only one in I don't put the heating on....I just get a blanket and then I'm warm enough x


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