Is Having A Routine Important?

I don't know what i would do without a routine - Some parents don't have a routine with their children, Some try but haven't succeeded with it. When Mia was born i did find it hard to put her into routine as wasn't sure how to - but i was quite lucky with her sleeping all night for me when she was around 3 months she would go to sleep roughly 8pm - 9pm until 7am - 8am the next morning (or maybe earlier) with one or two naps in the days. With Elliw because she had Colic we were up 10pm until 1am or maybe even 3am with her but she got into her routine at 7 months, and that is when she slept all night too - Before that, she was waking up once or twice or maybe even more a night. 
Too me, i think a routine is quite important in a child's life. It can be quite boring for the parent if they are a stay at home parent - but it's worth it.
My daily routine for my kids is -

Wake up - 7am - 8am
Breakfast - 8am - 9am
Take Mia too Dinner Club - 11am
Cook Dinner for me & Elliw - 12pm - 1pm
Elliw's nap - 1pm - 2.30pm
Elliw's little snack - 2.30pm - 2.50pm
Pick Mia up from school - 3pm
Little snack and drink for Mia (Fruit for elliw) - 3.30pm
Cook tea for the girls - 5pm - 5.30pm
Cuddle up time & watch TV - 5.30 - 5.45
Bath time - 6pm
Bed time - 6.30 - 7pm
Mine & Iwans Tea - 7pm - 8pm

And i try and get the cleaning done in between. It can get quite boring and frustrating doing the same thing on a daily basis - but at the end of the day i know i can relax (most evenings) unless the girls decide they don't want to go to sleep - ha ha.

I do think Children need a routine in their life for their sake and for yours too. So you can have your break in the evenings or when the child is having a nap if they still do! 

Aswell i think having a routine is great because if you fancy a night off once in a while, or maybe just a couple of hours off, you feel confident going out and leaving the kids in somebody else's care whilst you let your hair down.

Do you have a routine for your children?

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