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Just a quick post about my family! As you know my name is Beth & i am 21 years old :-) I live in a village in North Wales with my partner Iwan (who is also 21) and my two beautiful daughters Mia Wyn who will turn 4 in december 2013 and Elliw Elen who will turn 2 in March 2014 (Welsh name!!). 

As told above, I'm 21 years old. I fell pregnant first at the age of 16 - I was so scared. When Mia was around 1 years + old i met my partner Iwan, Fell pregnant quite soon (forgot too take the pill) and we moved in together when i was roughly 3-4 months pregnant. I moved roughly 30 minutes away from my Dad and family, we have moved to our 2nd private rented house last March with the girls. 
I am a qualified Childcare Worker in Level 2, I passed that course in College, which i absoloutely loved going to! I passed when i was 3 months pregnant with my first daughter Mia Wyn. When Mia was born - i went looking for a job straight away and managed to get one when Mia was 5 months old. I stuck to that job in the Nursery for over 2 years  until i had too quit due to me having my 2nd baby. My partner works full time (40+ hours) whilst i stay at home with the girls. 

Mia Wyn
Mia will be FOUR in December - Can't belive how fast time has gone! I remember the first time i ever saw her face and gave her a cuddle. Where has my 8lbs 9oz baby gone? She's so funny with the things she comes out with - Even teachers in her school say she is really funny and make them laugh loads when she is there! Such an amazing, caring and loving little girl! She does have her tempter tantrums - bad ones too but i still love her too pieces. She is an amazing gorgeous daughter and a fantastic Big Sister too Elliw - She also has another Sister Eli Wyn from her Dad & His partner.

Elliw Elen
This little girl is such a handful, climbing absoloutley everywhere at the moment ha ha. She is 19 months! Will be 2 in March 2014. Can't believe how fast my 9lbs 8oz baby has grown! She is learning slower than her big sister Mia but she is getting there in her own time and i am so proud of her for doing so! She's such a funny and an amazing little person. Pulls right funny faces and loves saying CHEESE too the camera ha ha!

My partner, who i met for the first time April 15th 2011 in a pub ha ha! Well we were texting, we just met there one day with our friends. And that is where it all started! May 19th we started going out - These past two plus years have been amazing - we've come through the rough times much stronger. We've had people butting in but we don't let them. I've had my wrongs and he's had his but we are still here & better than ever! Can't wait for the future! 

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