Evening Away From The Kids

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I think it is quite important for us parents too have some 'me' time now & then. Even if it is just once every few months. But i think every parent should have alone time atleast once a month too keep 'sane' ha ha. We all know how hard work it is looking after and caring for the little ones, i think we deserve atleast one evening or night too ourselves don't you? Some may disagree with this but i know most people will agree. 
Me and Iwan try and have one or two evenings or nights away from the kids in a month even if it is just him to go out and me stay in with the kids or the other way around. Now and then we ask Iwans parents too take Elliw while Mia is in her Dads and me and Iwan go out together, like last saturday we went too Cinema too watch Captain Phillips - brilliant film by the way! 

Going out as a couple just by yourselves and no children i think makes the bond a bit more stronger - you can both relax instead of stressing out with eachother with the children about. 

Things you could do together are - 

Go out with friends -
We do this sometimes, we go have a few drinks or a catch up with friends. It's a good way too still have your social life.

Go to cinema/theater - 
What's better than going to cinema with your partner - watch a film both of you like - with lots of chocolates and sweets and maybe cuddles too ;)

Out for food -
Weather it is going out for food just the both of you or out for food both of you and friends it's a chance both of you can chill and just relax and talk without children interrupting (lol).

Out for a walk -
Clear the air, have fun, go for a walk. Lovely bonding session with your partner.

I really do think having alone time is very important in a relationship. It really does keep me sane and i really enjoy myself when me & Iwan have time together away from the house and the children for a change even if it is just now & then. 

Do you like having quality time to yourselves?

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