Planning for Christmas 2013

Planning for Christmas 2013
Christmas may come but once a year but from October onwards the shops fill their shelves with gift boxes, chocolates, decorations and gift wrap. The preparations for the festive season seem to come earlier each year and with Christmas now only a month away, it’s time for the Christmas preparations to be underway. So here are some things to love about this time of year.

Christmas Shopping

The calm before the Christmas shopping storm

Even though it can be stressful hitting the high street at the weekends and battling the crowds in search of the perfect Christmas gifts, roaming the shops with a group of friends can be good fun – especially if you make time for lunch to break up the day.
If you plan to get your Christmas shopping done at least a week (or two) before Christmas you can enjoy that great sense of achievement that the hard part is over and you can look forward to wrapping your gifts whilst listening to your favourite Christmas songs.

Christmas Jumpers
For years we dreaded opening a Christmas present only to find a tacky, ugly Christmas jumper inside. Nowadays, rather than receive a knitted homemade effort from a distant relative, we head out to pick up our own novelty numbers. Yes, the Christmas jumper has been making slow comeback over the past decade or so, with many people going out en masse to buy them.

Check out this excellent reindeer jumper ala Mr. Darcy at FancyDress Ball.

Christmas Movies
One of the best things about this timeof year is watching Christmas movies. From the tear-jerking classics to heart-warming family festive tales, these are the movies you can only get away with watching at this time of year, so cosy up on the sofa and make the most of it!

Christmas Music
With only a limited amount of time to listen to your favourite Christmas hits, why not put together a playlist and enjoy listening to as much as you can this festive season. Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit quite like rocking out to some Christmassy jams while you deck the halls and trim the tree.

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