Snicky Book Review

The Snicky Guide To Falling Asleep.

I had the chance too review this wonderful book from SnickyBooks. I wasn't quite sure what to expect to be honest as i was told it was a book to help make sleep more fun! When i received this book, i read it before i showed the girls and i wasn't quite sure how the girls were going to take it. But i love the colourful pages and how the story isn't so long, so very easy for children all ages! And the pictures of 'Snicky' SO cute!

So, Friday afternoon i sat the girls down and switched the TV off and we read this book. They absoloutley loved it! Mia actually did expressions exactly the same as what Snikky was doing in the pictures. She loves the book, and i do think it is one of her favourite book by far at the moment! 

The author of this book Pamela Ann Will made this book to make sleeping fun for children! And it really did do that for my eldest daughter Mia. She loved reading the book. 
It did surprise me how well Mia enjoyed listening to the book, and loved looking at the cute picture of Snicky! 

It was really fun reading the book to! Alot of laughter was happening when we were reading it! It was a lovely way to bond! 
This book is published and sold on iBookstore at the moment and from the US. It would be fantastic if you could all have a look at her website here! I'm sure you kids will love this book just like mine did! 

Overall: I was very pleased with this book, it did really surprise me how well Mia reacted to the book, and how much she loves the book! 

* I was given this book for free too do a review. All words are 100% honest. All pictures are my own - please ask if you want to use. We really do appreciate this opportunity.

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