Choosing A Theme: Living Room

A few weeks ago we had a phone call to say our offer had been accepted for the house we wanted to buy. Since then i haven't stopped thinking about what theme to do each bedroom. One thing i know, it's going to be much different to how we have it now. We have one long living room with a red theme, in the new house there is two seperate rooms, a front room and a living room. I've found a few things i really like for the living room. 

Curtains || White Clock || Wallpaper || Rug || Cushion 1 || Cushion 2 || Basket || Throw

As you can tell I'm going to go for the theme colour 'green'. I've always loved this colour but i was given cushions, vases and a throw by a family member and the colours were red so our living room theme as been red for over 2 years now. I've already started selling things so i can start buying stuff slowly for the new house! 

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