Where To Spend Christmas

I never really thought of this until i moved in with my partner just over 2 years ago. 2011 was the first ever Christmas i spent away from my family because i live roughly 30 minutes away. It was really weird - and i did think for a while before Christmas where should we go. We decided to stay home and go up to my partners parents for the rest of the day and that is what we have done ever since and what we will do this year too. As i think Christmas is a special time for all the family to come together as one we decided to go to my grandparents again Boxing Day just like we did last year and how I've always spend boxing day. Me, my partner and my girls will go to their house boxing day and spend it with my family just like we spend Christmas day with my partners family. I think it is only fair to share. 
If you're still stuck on where to spend Christmas read below, they may help you!

At home
How about just spend Christmas at home? Have a lovely lazy and cosey day in your pyjamas and onesies and let the children play all day with their new toys! Welcome any``` of the family over for Christmas dinner maybe? Or just do Christmas dinner for you and your little family. 

Over at a family members house
Spend Christmas morning at yours and then go off to your parents or someone else in the family and spend the rest of the day there, the children are bound to get more presents and be even more excited! If you are with a partner and still un-decided on which family to go to, maybe go to one family on Christmas and the other on Boxing Day. If you're not keen on that idea, how about one family one year and the other the next year.

If you plan a few months before that you want to go abroad or maybe a few miles away from home in a cottage or hotel at somewhere you could spend Christmas away from home. If you've been thinking of this but worried about what you would do with presents then maybe just pack a sack full of presents and then give the rest when you come home. Two Christmases for your little ones! They will love it! 

Where are you spending Christmas this year?


  1. I love this post! Glad its not just me thats had a dilemma of where to go. This year is my first year in my own place with my partner so will be very strange not waking up at my mums but we are lucky enough to live within a 10 minute walk of both sides of the family so we can see them all, and ill have had my little one whos due in january by next year so that will be a whole new dilemma. Thanks for the advice!!


    1. Aw, i found it strange not waking up at my dads 2 years ago too!!
      Hope you have a great Christmas. Will pop over to your blog now x


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