Baby's First Christmas Gifts

A Baby's First Christmas is a very special time for the family. I think it's quite difficult to know what to buy for a baby on their first Christmas especially if they are only a few weeks or months old! Mia was born 20 days before Christmas! I didn't have much money then to be honest so she had a teddy and she has still go it now. For Elliw she was a few months old on her first Christmas, she had no idea what was going on. She was more interested in the boxes and wrapping paper. 

I think for Baby's First Christmas the best and most special presents are Baby's First Christmas Gifts. I love them! It's my nephews first Christmas this year. I can't wait. Here are a few Baby's First Christmas Gift ideas.

How cute is this Santa Claus teddy?! Even though it's first Christmas, i think it's always nice to have a teddy! 

I would have loved to have one of these when my two girls had their first Christmas. It's such a lovely idea and such a good way too keep all their First Christmas Presents safe and clean. 

It's nice to have a first Christmas decoration up, maybe on your tree or a photo frame or something else? You can get these personalised on a few websites.

Always lovely to have some new pyjamas on Christmas! Or maybe Christmas Eve to sleep in the night before Christmas.

Every baby should have a First Christmas Stocking! Great for those stocking fillers! 

How cute?! This is what my youngest had for her First Christmas and it's what i've bought my nephew for his First Christmas this year! 

It's always nice to buy something you can keep for their first Christmas, or something that will get good use. 

What did you get your little ones for their First Christmas?

This little fella would love to know :)
My beautiful nephew Osian! 

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