Keep In Touch With Family!

I think it is quite important to keep in touch with family. Especially that my own mother doesn't do anything with me and my little family so i like to keep in touch with all the family and not lose touch like my mother has done to me. 
It's really important to have family around you. People you know who will be there for you, some family at least. 
I got an Aunty in Cumbira, England. Cousins in New York and a little brother in South Wales. 
I see my aunty a few times a year, as she comes down to visit but otherwise Facebook and our phones keep us in contact with eachother. While i have never seen my cousin who lives in New York as i have only just found out that he is family! It's been lovely to talk! We talk with eachother and keep contact with eachother over Facebook. 
My little brother (pictured left with my daughter) lives in South Wales, i don't see him that often but my Dad goes down every other weekend too see him and he comes up sometimes in the holidays and we see eachother nearly every day! My girls know who he is as i've got a photo up of him up on the wall and i always mention his name! They love their Uncle loads! 

There is a few ways you can keep in contact with family who live quite far from you -

1. Internet - Like i said above, social media websites can keep you in contact with family and friends.
2. Phone Calls - Get their number and phone them once a week or every other week, keep in touch and keep up too date. 
3. Keep in contact with their family - Ask how they are, show interest, but make sure they show interest too! Ask how their little family is. 
4. Old fashioned letters - Write a letter and send it! 
5. Occasions - Keep up to date with Christmas and birthday cards! 
6. Visit - Even if it is just once a year, it is always best and nice too meet them in person! I will be meeting my cousin from New York hopefully 2014/2015! I can't wait! 

Do you have family who live far away from you?

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