It's Christmaaaas!

I love this time of the year! I always look forward too the 1st of December! The evening we all get together and put the Christmas tree and decorations up! It was much more of a laugh this year since Elliw is older and walking about everywhere, unlike last year! 

This year we've had a tree off my Nain. It's a silver tree and we've decorated it ins red tinsel, but we need to buy more! The rest of the living room is with silver tinsel! 

As you know, Mia is Lactose Intolerant and we needed to buy a Dairy Free Advent Calender! We found one for about £3.99 in Holland & Barrett. I grudged paying that much, but it'll make her happy so i can't complain! 

One thing i do love about this time of year too is we go to the attic and bring the decorations down, and we look at old Christmas outfits like what Mia is holding below. Her first ever Christmas Santa Outfit :)

Have you put your decorations up yet?

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