Update: Lactose Intolerance

I thought i would give all my readers an update on my eldest daughter Mia's lactose intolerance test. I am still giving her lactose/dairy free foods - and it is helping her. Past 2 weeks it's gone down hill a bit but we went to a dietitian today in Hospital and she helped us a bit. She told us any meat is fine but just to check the ingredients. Ingredients i had no idea i had to look out for, They were -

- Casein (curds)
- Hydrolysed Caseinates
- Whey/whey solids
- Hydrolysed whey
- Lactalbumin
- Milk sugar
- Lactoglobulin
- Lactose
- Skimmed milk powder
- Milk solids
- Milk protein
- Non-fat milk solids
- Butter fat
- Modified milk

I had no idea about what to look for on packets. All i looked at the 'allergy' part, but i learnt today that i shouldn't rely on that and i should read all the ingredients. I should also not buy any loose foods as i don't know what ingredients they have used. 

It's by law now that the word 'milk' must appear after any confusing names for milk derivaties and shown in the ingredients list of manufactures pre-packages foods for sale anywhere within the European Union. 

I'm really glad i had more information today about the kind of diet she can have. 

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