Happy 4th Birthday Mia

Happy Birthday too my beautiful baby girl Mia Wyn who is 4 years old today! Can't believe how fast these 4 years have gone. A 10 hours and 29 minute labour, born 5th December 2009 at 7:12pm weighing 8lbs 9oz. 
I was only 17 (just) when i gave birth to Mia. I was a single mother, my Dad was my labour partner. I was so scared, my 'teenage' life was over, but it was a start to a mature amazing life. A life i will never ever change. She has changed me for the good and for the better. 

I was baking loads & loads of cupcakes the night before and of course the main Birthday Cake! Did so much - i felt sick thinking about cake urgh! But she loved the cakes - which i am really happy about! 

Mia's Birthday cake! Not the best but it was tasty! 

Every year for her birthday i do a little tea party for when the family visit to give her her presents and cards. Which Mia loves! Mia loves seeing her family and obviously having presents and cards off them too ha ha!  She was so excited today. Totally different, she knew this year what was going on, but we will see tomorrow morning if she expects more presents lol. We've planned a big party for her Sunday with her friends! Going to be really busy but she will love it! 
Here are a few of the other pictures from today -

Here are a few updates of Mia -

She can write her own name.
She knows numbers using her fingers.
She knows how too count in welsh and english.
She is having her first Christmas Concert 12th December.
She is still left handed - but uses her right for scissors.
She likes me saying 'aww babi del' when she has hurt herself or feeling unwell.
She is petrified of hospitals. 
She loves cuddling.
She still loves holding your little finger.
Loves watching Jake Neverland Pirates and Doc Mcstuffins.
Sleeps with her Teddy and Doc Mcstuffins.
Loves drawing and colouring.

Can't believe how fast time has gone.
Love you loads baby girl


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  2. You looked very pretty Mia. Happy Birthday with loads of love little princess :)

  3. Awww looks like she had a lovely bday. Can't believe shes 4 already!! xx

    1. Thanks Kerry.
      I know, too fast! Amelia will be 4 before you know it, and Mia will be 8 then!! x


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