5 Things Couples Can Do This Valentines.

(Sorry about the old photo! Taken before i started loosing weight!)

As we all know Valentines Day is coming up and it's that time to spend money once again! We don't always have to buy gifts for our other half's. Sometime it is nice to just spend some quality time with your partner, such as:

Going to cinema
Most couples like going to the cinema, it can be a nice change for both of you if you don't go to the cinema often.

Go out for food.
Going out for food to a restaurant/pub can be a good way to communicate just the two of you. Me and Iwan go out for food as often as we can but it only happens once in a while. Going out for food is what I would like to do this Valentines Day. 

Go for a walk.
Going for a walk can be a nice way to connect with your partner, go and have a walk by the beach and have some 'us' time without the children.

Night in.
Have a cosey night in, cook some special food or a takeaway with a glass of winer and maybe watch a film too and cuddles on the sofa! Nothing better. 

Book a hotel.
Get away for a bit, spend some time just you and your partner. Book a hotel a few miles away. 

What will you be doing this Valentines Day?

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