How To Deal With A Poorly Toddler

I've been coping with a poorly little girl (Elliw) for the past two days. She started coughing 3 days ago but yesterday and today she has been very poorly. I'm not used to looking after a poorly child as Mia and Elliw haven't really been very ill before. It's been heart-breaking watching her be so ill. Her temperature has been very high, she had to go to hospital out of hours last night. She has been sitting down doing nothing - which is not like her at all. She also hasn't been eating properly and not drinking much. She wants cuddles all the time, very drowsy and very tired. 

Keep an eye on their temperature.
If the temperature is over 37.5 then it is classed as a fever. Anything over 38 then you need to take to doctors or out of hours/A&E if on weekend or after surgery closes. If they have a high temperature they advise you now not to put a cold pack on them as it is a shock to the system (as you can imagine). Just strip them down to nappy or put a light vest or light blanket over them.

Lots of cuddles and comfort.
Elliw wanted lots and lots of cuddles and love these last couple of days. It gives them comfort that someone is there looking after them whilst they are poorly. 

Plenty of juice.
It doesn't really matter if they don't eat just make sure they get enough juice. If they have not taken juice in the last 4-8 hours then you should take them to doctors/hospital just in case they get dehydrated.

Let them sleep.
When an ill baby is sleeping - never wake them up. Sometimes sleeping can be the best solution for an upset stomach. 

Give the child Ibropufen and Calpol/Paracetomal to calm the pain and cool the temperature down. Do not overdose - Please remember to always read the instructions before use.

Relax with your poorly child. Don't make them do things they don't want too. Just sit down, relax and be there for them.

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