Bring On Summer 2014

When the winter season started i really liked it! I liked the cosey nights in, cuddling up on the sofa (with the blanket of course, since Iwan can be a right moody a** sometimes! ha ha), watching TV with the gas fire on and having lazy days/evenings. I thought i wouldn't get bored of it, but now the past few days and past few weeks with this horrible wind and rain I really can't be bothered with it and i am really fed up of it! I just want the Summer to hurry up so we can go out for walks, take the kids to the park and go out nice places like what we did last Summer, oh and not to wear piles and piles of clothes too keep warm! 
What I am really excited for this summer too is sitting in the back garden with peace and quiet and letting the children run free and not worrying! The house we live in at the moment has high steps to go up to the garden, it's on a higher level ground to the house which i don't like. The house we have bought which we will be moving in April, is the same level as the house and much safer and much quieter, all i will hear is sheep! As here all we can hear is school kids as our garden is at the end of a school field. 

Things to look forward to this Summer:

Family Days Out.
Since Iwan works 40+ hours a week, on a weekend I like to make us have time just all 4 of us as a family. But sadly, Mia goes to her Dads every Saturday morning until Sunday evening, but there are some weekends where she will stay with me or we swop days/nights so she can spend one day atleast with us on the weekend. I love Family Days Out, it's a lovely way for us all to bond together and have a really good time.

Going out for walks.
This is one thing i love about Summer. We can go explore where we live or further places and go for nice long walks. There are a few places near me where there are some lovely walks. The picture above with Iwan carrying Elliw, it's a place called Beddgelert. A lot of people go there for a walk, and it is really busy on a hot summers day. 

 Visit places
There is a park called 'Gypsy Wood' about 10-15 minutes from where i live and i love taking the girls there. They really enjoy it. I am really looking forward to taking them again this year, and they're much older this time so it will be twice as fun! Lovely to take a picnic and have a very relaxing day and enjoying yourself.

Wear less clothes and layers
Finally, Summer is the time (if it is nice and warm) to wear your shorts, skirts and dresses! Love that time of the year. I look forward to it more this year since I have lost weight, so i don't feel so hot and horrible. As i used to hate wearing short sleeves and vest tops but this summer i'll be a little bit more confident in what i wear. But really looking to Summer 2015 already, as i am hoping i will have reached my target by then.

Go away
We went to Gullivers World just before Summer last year (2013). We only went for one night but the girls really enjoyed themselves. I would really think about going again but for 2 nights, or a full weekend this time.

Take the children to the park
The park is only up the road from me, but when we move to our new house it will only be round the corner which i will love! I love taking the girls to the park - even though Elliw can be really hard work there but at the end of the day they've enjoyed themselves and it tires them out!

 Relax in the back garden
There is nothing nicer than relaxing in your own back garden. I used to love putting a few towels on the grass, get the paddling pool out, put the girls in their swimming costumes and bring a few toys out and just let the girls play all day! Lovely relaxing day for yourself, and a nice relaxing but fun day for your children! And why not have a picnic outside too! 


  1. I have to admit I'm kinda looking forward to the weather improving. I don't mind it when it's cold but grey and wet is SO depressing!

  2. I am so ready for summer now after reading this :) x

  3. I miss summer so much. I ate being cold. I miss getting out with the kids


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