Review: Room To Grow Beanbag Table

I got the chance to review a B-qubed with Table Top from Room To Grow. It's basically a bean bag with a table. How cool does that sound? Me and my partner we really excited for this to be delivered.

Our thoughts
When we got it delivered, I was thinking.. 'No way can that table be strong enough to hold drinks, plate and other things that tables hold'. Well i was so wrong! I usually use this to hold my drink and my snack plate when my youngest is sleeping for her nap and my eldest is in school. I was really impressed by it.
There are 6 holes in the bean bag and you stick the table top in one of the holes and there you go, a bean bag table!

- You can also make this as chair aswell as a table.
- Handy for small spaces.
- Very modern.
- Great material for children, quick wipe if it gets dirty or marked.
- Water resistant - great with kids!
- Very light.

- None.

What is also great about this is you can choose 11 different colours. We chose the lime green one as we are moving house in a couple of months and our main colour is going to be green so i thought it would like nice.
If it gets marked or dirty all you have to do is give it a quick wipe clean.

In the new house i think we will have this b-qubed with table top in the front/spare room or in the bedroom.

It's a great little table if you're not wanting to use a lot of space, and a great table to have if you have children around. I don't know if i would pay £79.99 for this but it is a very light, modern table which is great for children.

Where can i buy?
You can buy this B-qubed with Table Top here for £79.99

* I was sent this product to do an honest review. All words and photos are my own. Please read my Disclaimer.

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  1. What a great idea! Very modern!! Such a great space saver x


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