Grumpy Kids!

Both my girls will get really moody at one point through the day. Usually when Mia finishes school and when Elliw wakes up from her nap. They both clash because Elliw wakes up from her nap 3pm - the same time we go and pick Mia up from school. So i get two very grumpy girls for atleast an hour or more. They will argue over toys, they will fight/argue and they will argue over what to watch on TV, oh and don't forget, they will moan and cry to just want to sit next to me! As i am writing this, Elliw is sitting next to me crying on and off for no reason at all. It is a daily thing so i am used to it. 

What to do when you have a grumpy child?

I try my best to ignore them when they are in a bad mood for no reason. Mostly they want to be picked up, have cuddles and have their own way with everything. But having two children - you just can't do that! Otherwise you will get yourself stuck in a place where you will not be able to do anything yourself. I tend to go to the kitchen and do some cleaning there or in the dining room. 

Get on with what you are doing
Don't stop what you're doing, just carry on and they will soon realise that being grumpy and moody will not get them what they want! May take hours for them to settle but it will be worth it.

Nap time
Maybe it's nap time for them. Even if they don't usually take a nap, try them out too see if they will. If not, then atleast you tried.

Go out for a walk
Maybe they're bored. Go out for a walk. Calm yourself down and it will also calm the kids down too! Works wonders. I used to do this all the time when the weather was nice.

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  1. Great tips!
    My girls get grumpy after school....I usually keep them distracted until tea is ready and that usually cheers them up a little!


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