As we all know the Government is cutting some funding to the NHS. Just over 70% of people in Wales do not agree with this, 20.83% were not sure and only 8.33% agreed that fundings should be cut. My opinion? I'm not sure. I do think it is really wrong how there are people from other countries coming into our country just to have free NHS treatment. We also have heard news such as wannabe Model Josie Cunningham having a free boob job paid by the tax payers. This story made me and my partner so mad. I think it is really unfair the NHS wastes money like this. 54.17% of people in Wales agree that the NHS wastes money. It's really unfair.
Yet on the other hand, my mother-in-law was given a Kidney Transplant on the NHS and I think things like that they should be spending their money on. Surprisingly, the wannabe Model Josie Cunningham decided she wanted the implants removed and yet again wanted it for free and for the tax payers to pay yet again.
I think the reason so many people are against NHS at the moment is because there are a lot of people who mistreat the NHS.
41.67% of people in Wales feel like their doctors don't listen to them. I agree. Since having my two daughters I've been to doctors much more often, with them being poorly, something not being right or me catching their germs. I feel if I explain something I sometimes feel my doctor isn't listening and just wants to talk quick and go to the next patient. I do think doctors have to take time to listen to their patients. Such as a few months ago I told the doctors for months what was wrong with Mia and they did not listen as they kept repeating something totally different. In the end it was me who found out what was/is wrong with Mia and it is me that is sorting it out with no help from the doctor, which is quite dissapointing.
Would i go private if i could afford it? I'm not too sure. 45.83% of people in Wales would go through private if they could afford it. 33.33% would stay with the NHS and a 20.83% are not sure.
When I was in hospital giving birth to my daughters in 2009 and 2013 the staff there were amazing. I had a bit more support when my first child was born - which I would have preferred to have the same support in my second too! I do think some of the public/patients to have to think how many hours they work and overtime that they work to take care of patients. When I had my second daughter a midwife spoke to us and she said she was working overtime and she was not getting paid for it and how she hadn't had lunch yet so we do have to expect some nurses and doctors not to be in the best of moods but I do think they have to keep it to a standard where they don't take it out on the patients too much.Almost half (45%) of the people who had been surveyed said they would seek justice if they were mistreated by the NHS. If a family member or myself were mistreated I think I would definteley seek justice.
What do you think about the NHS?

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